Commercial Fire-Rated Doors from Licensed Technicians

Our fire-code compliant, commercial fire doors are built to minimize facility damage and to most importantly, keep you safe. With a wide selection of fire-rated doors available, you can get the right fire-rated steel or wood door for your facility.

We carry ranged hourly fire-rated steel, glass, and wood doors. From 20 minute to three-hour withstanding times, our doors are guaranteed and approved to withstand fire for the defined period of time. With built-in features such as self-closing activation and positive latching, you and your facility are better protected for fire related accidents and emergencies.

Each commercial fire door can also be equipped with fire-rated frames and hardware including locks, hinges, closers, louvers, and handles. This specially approved hardware is heat resistant to ensure maximum protection from fire damage.

Our licensed technicians install your commercial fire doors on your schedule, and we include installation with each purchased door. At Advanced Doors, LLC, our technicians properly install your fire-rated doors to ensure you are in compliance with the Fire Marshall Office.

If you are unsure about which commercial fire door you need, just give Advanced Doors, LLC a call. We are licensed by the Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshal to install fire-rated doors and can help you select the door you need. We offer free consultations and estimates for your commercial fire door project.